What are Air purifying plants & How effective they are?

Hello Busy people! want to know more about Air purifying plants? Then go across this blog and take a bit knowledge with you about Air purifying plants.

      As we all know this pandemic made us stick to home and were getting involved into many things like healthy weight loss and making our own vegetation propagation and so on.

       One fine day while I was busy with my routine Office work and household chores. I realized that I need some changes to be adapted in my life. Then I started thinking of why can’t we grow our own leafy vegetables and make our home filled with some super cool indoor plants.
        This made me think a step ahead and start with some Air purifying plants which purify our surroundings. Here goes some of my insights.

Top 3 Air purifying plants

Started looking for some Indoor plants! that detoxify and clean your surroundings at home. As per the approach of scientists it may help us to purify our home, with some Air purifying indoor plants. 

The best air purifying plants for your home to improve air quality are of many types some of the air purifying indoor plants with names are Devils Ivy, Dwarf Date palm, peace Lily, Philodendron, Spider plant, chrysanthemums. Weeping Fig etc. until we realize the positioning and maintenance can cause a lot of impact on the Ambiance and purification of Home, using indoor plants won’t be much effective.

How effective are air purifying plants?

Based on the studies and research Scientist proved how effective are air purifying plants. “The amount of leaf surface area influences the rate of air purification”, Says Bill Wolverton. He says that at least two good sized plants for 100 Square feet of interior space is recommended. 

One famous NASA experiment shows that indoor plants can scrub the air of cancer causing volatile organic compounds. Some of the nasa air purifying plants are spider plant, English Ivy, chinese evergreen, Bamboo palm, pothos plant. 

Everything around us has become an easy way to approach things like online shopping then why can’t we get air purifying plants online. Yes! There are so many platforms where we can go ahead and order them online without any hassle. Some of the best platforms are like Ferns N Petals, Amazon, Nurserylive, Drirotors, Floweraura.

    Mold is one of the common problems faced by many of us where by using the Air purifying plants for mold can be 78% effective that can be English Ivy.

Benefits of air purifying plants

There are a lot of benefits from air purifying plants. Plants have been proven to remove Airborne harmful particles and contaminants, some of the benefits of air purifying plants are they reduce stress and sound levels by absorbing, control of humidity to the within optimum levels for human health, Interior feels spacious looked after and clean.

The health benefits of Air purifying plants are even though your home premises and indoor is filled with a massive amount of VOC levels, purifying plants can improve the purity of plants.

Indoor plants can reduce irritation to Nose, Ear and Throat, Lowers the stress levels boost the energy levels.

Re potting air purifying Indoor Plants

If a plant does not comes in a pretty pot or overgrown the previous one we can choose a clay pot and the organic soil. Then transplant it and water it thoroughly without fail as the changes in the pot are to be habituated by the plant.

Top 3 indoor plants to remove air toxins

Areca palm

Extremely effective at removing toxins from interior air and also emits large amounts of water vapor considered to be a boon for locations with dry air. 

Air purifying plants

Bamboo Palm 

While this plant is another one that scored higher ability to remove formaldehyde from air.

Air purifying plants

Dwarf Date plant

It has a very high ability to remove airborne chemicals and it is efficient at getting rid of air of xylene. This is suitable to control the temperature in offices and homes and will last for decades if treated well.

Air purifying plants

Future of Air purifying Indoor plants

Although plants aren’t substitution for adequate ventilation and indoor air quality. scientists developed a plant that can level up the air detoxifying level. After many modifications the Pathos ivy is an output that has been tested against chloroform and benzene.

In the meantime we can grab some benefits form the above plants, they must be chosen for a good reason.

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