Home gardening ideas and tips what are they.

It is time to know about Home gardening ideas. In previous blogs we studied about the Air purification plants, types and their benefits and also different types of succulents and how they are grown is also studied what are the soils used and the re potting technique and the suitable succulent and air purification plants is also studied.

This is the very first time I started writing a blog with a rough sketch in my notebook of what to write with a hierarchy table and the content to be projected and the ideas and the thoughts I wanted to share. Not everyone is a pro at the beginning please go through the blog and read it is appreciated.

Brief explanation about Home gardening ideas is when a particular farm is being used to cultivate our food including vegetables, fruits, pulses, leafy vegetables etc and also flowers. Why can’t we use our home space such as terrace and balcony and indoor regions and cultivate the minimal consumption of our food. Home gardening ideas include everything like just purification plants and vegetable garden flowering plants and the plants which are for indoor decorations etc.

The types of home gardening ideas vary from one to one different types of them are Backyard Gardening, Indoor gardening and so on Home gardening is a mixture of both science and the Art. 

Why Home gardening plays a major role in everyone’s life. As the time moves on there are many changes being observed in everything from cultivation of food with fertile soil to using the simplest way to food cultivation by using many fertilizers which is leading to the lack of essential vitamins and the intaking elements that needed to our body and leading us towards many diseases and failure of organs,we also proceed with one question Does gardening boost our immune system? Yes there is no doubt in that Home gardening helps us to make our immunity strong by the better consumption of food and good Air. 

From this we can get a conclusion that everyone has come a long way and survival has become a major issue because of the food we intake. Benefits of Home gardening lead us to a better way to consume food organically.

Home gardening ideas

Organic Home gardening Ideas.

Organic home gardening is a term used to the process of cultivating plants,vegetables and fruits in the best natural way with the use of plant and animal procured wastage without any usage of chemicals and the composition of chemicals even with less harm.

In other words Organic Home gardening is the natural way of growing plants, veggies and fruits with the limited natural resources that earth gives us, not the one which we create for quick results. 

Different ideas for the Organic home gardening are as follows

  • Container Garden

The first step is select good quality of Medium and large containers and are placed on the deck or the beds, even the hanging containers are helpful which occupies less space on the ground, Now start selecting the best organic soil for repotting and fill the containers to 75% and leave the remaining inorder to let them grow preferably cucumber, Tomato.

Water them frequently and use the manures whenever needed and exposure to sunlight in a day helps the plants to grow wider and strong.

  • Garden with Raised Bed plan

Select a Layout in sunny area from North to south and build a wall with wood bricks or stones which make the layout beautiful with 10 – 15 inch tall and the width is less than or equal to 4 feet not greater than that and the length is as much as we are willing to grow the quantity and types of vegetables and fruits. Now fill the bed with the Organic soil which is rich in nutrients and add the compost or organic fertilizer if needed. 

  • Traditional Organic farm 

This traditional organic farm actually has been implemented from so long it is nothing but the way it is structured, like tall, medium and short. We know south to north is the best position for planting. Take a well drained location and prepare it for plantation from North the tall plants are preferable like Corn, Beans in order to prevent them from shading the other plants and then comes the medium plants like cucumber, Tomatoes, Zucchini, Chilli, Eggplants. Then the shorter plants like Onions, carrots, Radish, Beetroot, Lettuce, cabbage at the south end. 

  • Square Gardening

 Select the tubs which are used to plant, use them by rearranging on each other and fit it like a block and place it in a region with sunny a bit and shady also this gardening is used and suitable for leafy vegetables like Spinach, Parsley and many more. This also occupies less space as we build a block kind of structure. 

Home gardening ideas and Tips for beginners 

Starting a beautiful garden might be both exciting and nervous. We can turn out the sad patches of grass into beautiful flower gardens, vegetable beds and Garden Art.

The best tips for beginners for home gardening are 

  • Pick up a right spot

Start with a tiny step and take a minimal area of the layout where there is 4-5 hrs of direct sunlight towards the plants. Avoid the place with strong winds which might wipe off your tiny little garden. At last think about the accessibility of water to the spot which has been chosen. 

  • Pick the Right type

As soon as a spot is selected start implementing and think about which type of garden you are willing to grow. Will it be flowers or herbs or something like vegetables for your fit and healthy lifestyle? Whatever you choose, plan a perfect picture of the Garden you are wishing to see.

  • Pick the Right soil

Selecting the right soil is also a task to be added by the beginners. Texture of the soil plays a major role in the growth of plants. Take a particular soil and check if it is hard and clay like structure then it is not suitable for your plants to grow. Select a soil Shovelled and easily crumbled in your hands it is suitable for the growth of plants. If rocky soil is found, sew the soil and remove the rocks which are present in the soil. 

Mix the organic compost like Veggie peels or Tea wastage or some compost to the soil before using it for cultivation.

  • Pick Basic Gardening tools

Once everything is ready we need to check on the essential tools which we need in gardening

There are many types of tools required for Gardening some of them are Purging scissors which is a basic one used to cut the bushes and the unwanted stem growth which leads the plant growth towards decline.

Digging Tools are also important inorder to dig the right spots and well laid structure of the garden the main digging tools we need are a trowel, a spade and a garden fork. Spade and trowel tools are used to dig the holes for the plants and garden fork is used to break the lumps of soil and also for removal of old and previous planted ones.

Weeding tools also place a major role in gardening to tackle with the weeds and unwanted plants we will require a forked trowel and gardening knife. These tools help us to keep the invading plants away.

The best Watering tools are watering cans and hose pipes. Cans are used for delicate and small plants whereas the hose pipes are used for the plants which occupy most of the layout area. Hose pipes are considered for bigger tasks.

  • Plan it where and what

Plan and map out where and why like us even plants need their own space to be grown preferably small plants are needed to be placed alternatively or with distance as they are easily attacked by pests and die.  

The best piece of advice for the beginners is to maintain their own scrapbook inorder to track the organizing of the plants. Progress of the plants is also observed by tracking it in a scrapbook.

  • Watering the plants

The goal of watering your plants is to give them enough water to sustain. But overwatering can lead to damage and waterlogging of the plants. The best way to water plants is slowly and allowing the water to reach and depth into the soil. The soil should become moist about 4-5 inches below the surface Plants with different lifetime needs different requirements of water . whereas newly planted younger ones need more water inorder to encourage them towards growth and health roots and the old ones with more lifetime need to be watered every 2 days depending upon the requirement and the atmospheric conditions.

Gardening helps us to keep away the stress and mental clarity which has been lacking these days because of mechanical life and the undergoing mental pressures. Home gardening also reduces Chronic diseases like heart attacks, colon cancers and so on. Nature is the only thing that never changes in relaxing and healing. 

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