How to grow Indoor succulents at home & what are they?

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Succulents defined as the plants which are resistant to Droughts.These are the plants with thick, fleshy and swollen stems or leaves which are adapted to the dry environments. 

Succulents have become super popular these days because of the wide varieties and their water storage properties in the stems and leaves which make them survive in extreme hot & dry environment conditions. The tissue which is in the Indoor succulents has the property to store water and make themselves survive and adapt themselves well in Nurseries and Gardens. Usually these indoor succulents are seen in semi-deserts and Desert regions.

Because of these properties they became handy to people to grow them even if they are beginners to planting.

indoor succulents

How to grow indoor succulents at home.

Because of the water retaining property succulents don’t mind a little neglect these are ideal for people looking for low cost maintenance plants.If you are a beginner then follow the below steps for How to grow succulents at home.

Choose an appropriate succulents which is for your home conditions. 

Most of the succulents like Direct sunlight as because they are habitats of them as per the labels, Size and widespread of the plants.

Choose well draining pot medium.

It is always preferable for succulents to have a moisture content soil inorder to stop the root from draining as we see in nurseries they are grown in soil that is too rich and also retains the moisture.

Select the Pot

While selecting the pot make sure it has a drainage hole and 2-3 inches taller than the nursery pots. As part of long Planting solutions avoid glass jars like Terrariums for Repotting as they dont allow the roots to breathe and Rot over the time.

Potted succulent to be placed in Sunny location.
Most of the succulents prefer sunlight for at least 6 hours a day so place them at a corner where the sunlight arrival is maximum the corners are preferably south east. We can see the plants start stretching towards the direction of sunlight if enough of it was not on them.

Fertilize your succulents at least for a year.

Plants benefit most from fertilizer in the spring when the days get longer there is new growth begins. Using balanced water soluble fertilizers diluted to half the strength as per the recommendation on the package instructions. 

Potting soil for indoor succulents.

If something best is suggested for the potting soil for indoor succulents. We know that succulents are the habitats of desert regions and we can see that it barely rains in the deserts. Even it rains in the desert it pours a quite as compared to normal regions so that succulents store the water in the leaves, stems and the roots because of this reason succulents roots doesn’t absorb more water as they have enough in it and it is clearly visible form the type of soil found in desert regions.Its hot and the sand does not contains moisture.

potting soil for indoor succulents

Cheap indoor succulents online India.

Succulents price varies from 100-600 indian rupees as there are so many mediums to buy the succulents online along with soil and the potting. Some of the online sale portals also offer us the guidance for the soiling and propagating succulents.

Cheap indoor succulents online India.

How to water indoor succulents

Succulents store extra water in the stems, leaves and roots which is able to survive long even between watering intervals.Many people fail to realize that a bit caring and watering is must for succulents and it should be made regularly in order to make succulents thriving watering regularly is a must. Forcing them to go without water is not a good idea.

Indoor succulent terrarium arrangement
succulent terrarium arrangement

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