Lets begin with Gardening which includes Terrace garden ideas. As the pandemic hit was around the globe everyone  at their homes made themselves busy with so many new habits and new innovations which includes the Terrace garden in that, as no one are allowed to go outside and stick to their homes it was a better idea to start a Terrace garden as there is no need of any extra place and separate site  allocation for Garden.

Terrace gardens also made everyone busy with new chores and increased confidence to grow their own vegetables, fruits and flowers other than the essential Garden. It also made them grow indoor plants and made the ambience and the atmosphere felt a bit relaxed. 

Many of us were about to get fed up by sitting ideally at our home. These terrace gardens made us a bit relaxed and engaged us with work..

Terrace gardening is nothing but Growing plants on the roof of the house by using containers, pots and construction beds. It is also defined as development of a Traditional Garden in the Horticultural roof with suitable conditions.

 Because of the Rapid  growth in industrialization, urbanization, Buildings, offices, Markets and wide roads there is a decrease in the amount of land to grow gardens in major cities. Pollution also increased and the people living in the urban areas need a break for their tiring minds so Roof gardening or Terrace Gardening is a good option. There is an option of growing both sun light grown and shade grown plants in the Roof gardening. 

Starting a Terrace garden can break Monotony of regular life.


Here are the steps on How to build a Terrace garden.

Plants have a particular weight so make sure you check whether the building can sustain the extra weight and the roof should be waterproofing in order to avoid water leakages in future. There are two different ways to build terrace gardens, either we can cover the entire surface with soil beds to make a lawn or we can use earthen pots and use the seeds in them. 

Getting started

Just in case if the entire terrace is covered with soil bed make sure you cover the entire surface of the terrace with water proofing inorder to avoid leakages at home. It is recommended to apply a waterproofing layer on the roof sab which is covered with an insulation layer which protects the roof.

When vegetation is grown, absorption of water and nutrients are must and the soil used must be porous which allows the movement of air and drainage of water. Due to logging of water plants may not grow properly so Drainage layer is  a must and should to build. So that the drainage layer is to be built above the layer of insulation inorder to drain the excess water. The most common thing used for Drainage is the Drainage mats. 

If a regular roof garden with pots is implemented no extra efforts are required. Provide drainage for extra water that comes through pots. It is important to establish a source of water for watering of your terrace garden.

The source of watering should be near the terrace if not it makes life tough to carry the water.

Plan the layout of the Terrace Garden

After the drainage check and everything is set now it’s time to check the roof slab and plan the layout for the terrace garden. Effective usage of space is must in order to get efficient growth of plants. Check the sunny and shady areas and arrange the space.

Select the plants for your Terrace Garden

The only part among the Gardening is selecting the plants. There are a variety and wide range of plants. Fibre rotted plants are highly recommended rather than the rooted plants as they require and occupy most of the soil and weight is also increased hence weight is a key factor in terrace gardening light weighted plants are more chosen rather than the light ones. Plants are also selected based on one more thing as per the requirement of sunlight. Even after choosing some of them, required shady lights are to be placed in shady regions. While the other plants which require a hefty amount of sunlight must be placed in sunlight fallen areas or the non shaded region.

Only seeds can also be bought and planted in the selected place. We have an option to buy the seeds online also.

Perfect soil and containers for Plants

According to the requirement of the plants the soil is being selected. Different soils must be filled in the pots as per the requirement of the plants.

Containers play a major role in terrace gardening as wide and less length containers are more important than the less length so they are used to cultivate leafy vegetables. Earthen pots and pots made with cement are more preferable to cultivate the plants as they are eco friendly and easy to maintain. Other than Earthen and cement we also got some eco friendly polymer containers available in market for Terrace Gardening.

Proceed with Gardening Now

When everything is ready now go ahead with Planting. Procure basic Gardening tools as explained in the blog and go ahead with Gardening. Start Gardening with basic plants and less plants then ahead by increasing them so that it makes our Task Tedious and efficient with great quality and satisfaction.

Vegetables suitable for Terrace Gardening


The best part to grow Radish is they don’t need much maintenance as they can be grown in plastic bags or wooden planks made from beds. Pour the seeds over the soil and water them as needed then an efficient growth is seen.


Potatoes are probably the easiest ones to be grown as they can develop from the small cut of the vegetable. Take a pot of special polymers or the plastic which is about 9-10 inch length and plant three to four of them in order to get the efficient growth. Water them regularly so that they won’t ripen off underneath the soil as we know potatoes are a kind of plant that grows underneath the soil.


Eggplants are suitable for any region or any climatic conditions creepers and non creepers are both varieties that can be seen in these eggplants.


If you are looking for container vegetables then lettuce is one of the best options among them. If place is coming into consideration then take some soil and use it to cultivate the Lettuce so that a fresh salad is seen on your dine with Freshly grown Lettuce.

Tips for Home Gardening

Tips for Terrace Home gardening

Water, sunlight and required amounts of manure are the main factors to grow the Plants. 

Sufficient amounts of water are required to generate the energy and the stability to the small plants which are at the beginning stage. Watering supply should be arranged in a proper manner so that there should be no fail in the layout and the loss of plants. Water should be given to plants as per the amount required by them not less not more if excess amounts of water are used then plants may die so use water with adequate conditions.

Sunlight is another key factor for the growth of plants as we know it well from childhood science itself that sunlight is a kind of food to plants which helps them to grow throughout the process of photosynthesis where sunlight is used to convert to energy to grow by plants. Some of the plants need more sunlight and some of them prefer to be in shady regions.

Manure plays a major role in Terrace gardening when a plant is weakened because of the less nutrients than Manure helps them to grow with rich nutrients. Manure may be of Animal wastage or Bio wastage like vegetable wastes etc. Animal wastage includes cow dung which is high and rich in nutrients like potassium and nitrogen so usage of them may help plants to fight against the insects and bacteria which are killing the roots.